What is StandoutTM

Standout is an integrated creative marketing agency based in Leicester, which is the largest nucleus of creative businesses outside of London and Manchester.

We operate from the Phoenix Arts Centre, a few moments’ walk from Leicester’s Victorian-designed train station and within the ever-developing Cultural Quarter.

We’re a team of nine and have been designing, creating and delivering results since 2000. Our integrated services span digital and traditional communications and we focus within four main business sectors: Luxury Hotel & Hospitality, FMCG, Retail and B2B.

We love creativity and beautiful design, but we hold effectiveness above any other measure when it comes to the marketing tools that we create on behalf of our clients. Our aim, always, is to deliver footfall, sales, traffic or conversions.

The marketing and communications industry can sometimes lose sight of how important its role is within the professional services industry. Law and finance is almost certainly seen as being more credible or serious. However, the world’s economy relies on the clever, intuitive, insightful and researched thinking of creative agencies no matter how small or large they might be. Standout are serious about what we do and we understand how important it is to make our clients’ budgets work as hard and as smart as possible.

Why choose StandoutTM

If you own a luxury hotel or you’re responsible for its marketing, or are the brand manager of a new or established FMCG product or retail brand, then we’re the perfect agency.

Equally, if you have an industry-leading business in manufacturing or food procurement or knowledge transfer, then Standout can become a key part of your team and an extension of your department or overall business.

We’re a down to earth team who are easy to work with. From the first time you contact us and every time thereafter, we will give you facts, metrics of time and concise and relevant information. Agencies rarely lose clients as a result of their creative output, it’s nearly always down to service levels, accuracy and communications. We aim to do the simple things well – at all times.

Most agencies throughout the UK operate at similar rates – as you would expect from other professional services such as finance and law. But, we believe that our rates are competitive and we add value to your bottom line through results. Results and effectiveness are our main drivers and are what motivate us most. We’re uninterested in awards and accolades from our peers and competitors. Whilst creativity can only be judged from a subjective base, footfall, sales, traffic and conversion can be scientifically measured.

Putting the serious business aside for a moment – our team are talented and good people and you’ll enjoy working with them.

Collectively we will immerse ourselves in your brand and business and will remain your advocates and ambassadors at all times.

We look forward to speaking with you.


Design That Works