Our People

Our team have been working from home since the middle of March adhering to Covid-19 guidelines. We’ve been helping to ensure the safety of our staff; their families; our clients; the general public; front line workers and, of course, our remarkable NHS. All of the agency team have the capability to work from home. In some cases we have organised office chairs and equipment to be available; for those needing to establish a more robust setup for working through Covid-19. We are also very pleased to announce that Dimple; one of our Front-End Developers (and winner of the 2019 outstanding attitude, effort and contribution award); has recently given birth to her and her husband’s first child, a bouncing baby girl, and all are doing well.

Our Clients

Many of our clients have had forced closures; however, where that has happened we have quickly worked with them to adapt and reduce any costs incurred. In addition to ensuring that we are keeping a close eye on their brand; their websites and social communications, offering guidance, insight and non-cost services wherever applicable. A number of our clients are businesses that are experiencing an increase in trade as a direct result of Covid-19; and we are working with them to ensure that communications are sensitive and appropriate. We have made sure that they plan for when things return to normal and perhaps their demand decreases.

Our Support

Many of our team have taken part in the 5K challenge; donating £5 which goes towards raising funds for Help the Heroes and then nominating 5 more people to participate. One of our team will be running the London Marathon on Sunday 26th April entirely on a treadmill; this is to raise money for 3 important charities; Health Poverty Action, Heart Link and MacMillan Cancer.

Brand Communications

Now is not the time for selling; and this is the advice we have given all our clients who sell directly to consumers. Now is the time for brand building; however finding a narrative and tone that is suitable and appropriate for your audience is important. Consumers will want to know that their brands are surviving; and have a plan for life after Covid-19. It is therefore important that consistent and frequent communications are shared; ensuring they are positive, upbeat, add value and do not aim to profit from the situation that we find ourselves in. Those brands who ‘stayed in touch’ and genuinely cared about more than just their bottom line will stand in good stead for the future.