Diversity in Creative Enterprise

DICE® is a not for profit initiative created by the team at STANDOUTTM and led by our Managing Director.

The aim of DICE® is to captivate and motivate young people to engage in the communications industry. Our target audience is 16-21 year old males from ethnic minority backgrounds who may have either fallen out of the conventional schooling system, become uninterested in life, disenfranchised and possibly starting to become embroiled in illegal or non-constructive activities within their community.

Many young people from difficult or complicated circumstances often lack the ability to adapt to conventional learning methods and educational structure. As a result they can easily become uninterested in school, which invariably leads to disengagement and disruptive behaviour and ultimately with a knock-on effect that leads to suspensions, expulsion and potentially an occupation-less existence.

It is our belief that the creative industry (with a UK industry value of £87 billion), provides a perfect opportunity for these individuals and the ability for vocational learning. The creative and communications industry has a plethora of job types and a requirement for a huge number of skills, emplying more than 2,000,000 people across the UK alone. It is an industry often overlooked, with many parents (of applied children) opting for finance, legal or medical professions as a first choice, while the parents of those children without the benefit of good schooling or funding are perhaps fundamentally unaware that the industry and opportunities even exist.

DICE® will encourage young people to join the industry with workshops, outreach, talks, work placements and internships.

The flip side of the issue is that ‘the industry’ is relatively non-diverse. It lacks a sufficient number of females (especially in senior positions) and people from ethnic minority and diverse backgrounds. This is a problem of course. For one, the industry does not fully represent all of the consumer groups that it aims to communicate with on behalf of its clients.

More importantly, the creative industry is missing out on a win-win situation whereby it could take the lead in providing youngsters with opportunities otherwise out of reach whilst harnessing the most determined, creative and entrepreneurial talent through education, training, guidance and development.

The cause of a non-diverse sector is two fold and there needs to be an initiative from all sides (industry, schools, communities and parents) in order to encourage and retain the brilliant talent that exists within our UK communities.

Whilst we are only able to achieve this on a smaller scale (via STANDOUT, the creative agency powering DICE®) we will work with agencies and creative businesses to encourage and assist similar outreach initiatives.

If you’re aged between 16 – 21 and think you might be interested in a career within the creative industry or your just curious and want to know what this is all about, ask us about the DICE initiative.


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