Brand Identity, Strategy & Positioning

Everyone has their view on brand. What a brand is, what makes a brand, and the perception of any given brand.

We’re here to tell you that brand is not the exclusive entitlement of globally recognised names and, in fact, we all have a brand, we all have a way of operating, a way of communicating, a ‘particular brand of…’

Standout has been working with household brands since inception and brand building is at the core of all that we do. We help to create and recreate brands through our BrandCamp® strategy. We help to promote brands and reposition brands through advertising and creative. We help to define brands by working closely with our clients who are maybe seeking to understand what it is that makes them different, or perhaps are trying to attract a new market segment or audience.

Many of the larger global agencies will claim that their smaller counterparts are simply creating iconography – logos and badges. But that’s a myth. There are many really great smaller brand agencies that can understand the fabric of your business, the culture, the ethos, the desire and aspiration and they can package that, capture it and interpret it through identity, tone of voice, imagery, design and communications. We’re one of those agencies and we’d love to talk brand with you.

Below are a selection of brand identities that we’ve created alongside comprehensive brand guidelines that include image style, tone of voice, strap line, vision and application.

Pride of Britain Hotels

Brand Strategy


Brand Identity

Rice Dream

Social media

Chilli Water

Brand Identity & Packaging


Brand Identity

One Plastics Group

Corporate Brochure










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