Hello! We’ve got a few ideas and thoughts for Pandemic Communication over the coming weeks.

Don’t sell, it’s time for brand building

Now is not the time to be selling items that people do not really need. We know that bicycles, athleisurewear, wine and wall paint are all doing well; however, these items are all being purchased to help people survive and endure the lock down. Finding the right balance between what’s essential, needed and practical is a thin line to tread; so definitely be careful as consumers can easily be turned off your brand if you’re seen as opportunistic or poorly timed.

But definitely build your brand. Your audience will want to know that you’re okay and that your team and business are surviving. It’s a chance to inform people of who you really are as a business and brand; therefore, what is important to you. If you have furloughed all your team then let people know how you’re staying in touch with them and how you’re keeping them engaged. Share the many great stories and glimpses of sunshine that are scattered throughout all of this; from new born arrivals to the woes of home schooling… it’s all of interest and it will help you to connect and empathise with audiences, genuinely and honestly.

Brands are constructed of people, culture, attitude, product, performance, reputation and identity; and the best brands will continue to work on this for however long lock down remains.
Those brands that invest, will come through this stronger and with more associated goodwill from their teams and their audience; internally we refer to this as the ‘goodwill percentage’ (GW%).

Have a think about where your GW% sits today and then formulate a plan to increase it over the coming months.

Housekeeping and utilising your internal resource

Google may not have to furlough much of their team; certainly their robots, spiders and algorithms won’t be placed on the sidelines; and so it is critical we keep our websites up to date and maintained. You will almost certainly have a full lock down on external spend (and rightly so); but if you have internal resource or non-furloughed people then now is the time for some creative writing; pandemic communication and housekeeping with your website.

Here’s a quick list of things that you ought to be doing and can easily do via your website’s content management system:

  • Proofread your website thoroughly – almost every website in the world has the odd error somewhere
  • Audit your images – when we’re back up and running, where do you need to invest in with your photography?
  • Rewrite content – put some life and spark in to your copy and content – now is the time to freshen this up
  • Write a blog and make it live every two weeks – Google is still watching and is hungry for relevant, recent and authoritative content

Stay fit and focused

And lastly, stay fit and focused – especially whilst working from home. Just a few press-ups or squats every hour or so will accumulate and by the time you get to Friday you’ll have quads like Arnie!

See you soon,

The team from Standout.


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