Royal Mail’s Email & Post Insights

Enjoyed reading this document by Royal Mail which provides excellent insights on mailing, either physically or electronically.

Page 32 – 37 is really interesting where it talks about customers who like to receive both printed and electronic mailings before making a purchase and will often browse both prior to purchasing.

56% of the digitally active group stated that printed mailings made them feel valued where as only 40% said that electronic communications make them feel valued. Most importantly – 65% liked to view multi-channel communications prior to purchasing. What tends to happen is because a lot of electronic mailings are mass mailings, people don’t feel like they’re personal enough. Personalised electronic mailings have shown they have a better opening rate than if they don’t include the recipients name. This is partly due to an emotional aspect of where someone has mail. Most mailings that are not addressed to the recipient won’t get opened; which ultimately affects the statistics of a company’s open rates; therefore taking an additoinal 5 minutes, when creating an email or other electronic mailing to personalise it is worth it. If you need help with email marketing then please let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

An excellent document from Royal Mail.

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