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Effectively marketing luxury hotels for over fifteen years

Comprehensive design and marketing solutions for luxury hotels

If you own or manage a luxury or boutique hotel and seek a competitive advantage, then please contact our luxury hotel marketing team

Our creative design and effective campaigns have helped to drive up occupancy; conversion and overall engagement for the luxury hotel marketing brands that we represent. We’re proud to be working with many industry-leading brands; in addition our services range from brand creation and strategy; advertising and campaigns all the way through to high-speed responsive websites; and commercially sound digital solutions such as our Review ManagerTM and Gift Voucher WordPress modules.

We’ve extensive experience within the hospitality sector. Therefore, with a focus on driving footfall and sales through the hotel’s F&B we offer conversions and bookings for accommodation; whilst delivering digital solutions that assist the operational and front-of-house teams. We feel very fortunate to be working within the luxury hotel sector; where we have met a number of fantastic operators and individuals in what is ultimately an extremely tough and competitive industry. We’re here to help.

Luxury Hotels

The Calcot Collection

Literature, Copywriting, Illustration, Photography, Digital, Production

Luxury Hotels

Milsoms Kesgrave Hall

Literature, Web, Digital Menus, Core Look Creative, Point of Sale, Email Marketing, Online Ticket System, Review Manager Online Voucher System

Luxury Hotels

Historic Sussex Hotels

Luxury Hotel Brochures

Luxury Hotels

Hart’s Nottingham

Website Design & Build, Email Marketing, Digital Literature

Luxury Hotels

Milsom Hotels

Brand, Strategy, Marketing, Design, Web, Digital Solutions, Campaign

Luxury Hotels

Wynyard Hall

Branding, Copywriting, Literature, Responsive Website, Advertising, Photography, Art Direction

Luxury Hotels

Milsom Catering

Brand Identity, Digital, Advertising, Literature, Copywriting

Milsom Weddings
Luxury Hotels

Milsom Weddings

Brand, Positioning, Brochure, Web, Email, Exhibition, Marketing

Luxury Hotels

NAVYÄRD Bar & Terrace

Brand Identity, Core Look, Collateral, Signage, Menus

Reputation Management

Harness the power of customer feedback

Review Manager is an exclusive tool brought to you by STANDOUT. Encourage your guests to leave feedback after their stay by answering a short online questionnaire.

Automatically publish high ratings to your TripAdvisor profile; in addition while catching the feedback of the less satisfied guests at a point where you can rectify the situation; enabling you to make things good again!

Email Marketing

Pushing the envelope with email

As the saying goes “The money’s in the list”. This is absolutely true but you need more than just a list of names and email addresses to make a return on investment.

What’s just as important is making a connection with people and giving the correct balance of value vs. sales. Leave it to STANDOUT to create compelling campaigns and marketing materials to boost uptake in your offerings and create further brand-awareness.

Key Features

  • We integrate our luxury hotel marketing websites with email campaign management platforms such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.
  • We build your marketing list effectively and segment your data; this is to laser-focus your marketing efforts to those who will find it most valuable and relevant.
  • We create on-brand and stunning email marketing campaign designs to hold your customer’s focus; in addition, this then entices them to take actions such as ‘Buy event tickets. Join the loyalty scheme. Reserve a table. Learn more.’
Gift Vouchers

Engage new customers & increase revenue

Use our instant delivery solution to sell gift vouchers via your website that are delivered via text message and email.

The voucher can be redeemed immediately within your business without any need for additional hardware or software.

Allow your customers to set the voucher amount themselves or offer prescribed voucher packages. In addition, you can capitalise on seasonal occasions or offer discounts to drive revenue in an area of your business.

Key Features

  • No hardware or software required
  • Full life cycle: purchase, delivery, redemption
  • Delivered via text message and email
  • Integrates into your WordPress website
  • Instant delivery, instantly redeemable
  • Include a personal message with each voucher
  • Schedule date and time of delivery
  • Track voucher sales in Google Analytics
  • Collect payments via Stripe or PayPal
  • Export customer data

Physical vouchers make a great alternative for high value vouchers; or far customers who prefer to give gifts in person. However, if you already offer physical vouchers then these can be sold via the website. In addition, we’ll help you clearly convey the benefits of physical and digital vouchers so that customers make the right choice during checkout.

Digital menus

Effective in-house menu management

Are you still producing your restaurant menus in Word? Our solution makes creating and updating your menus easy.

Your staff log in to a simplified part of your website where they can manage your menus, print them out or publish them to the website.

Menu creation is simple, but flexible and we can add extra fields if you need them. We create beautiful menu designs that look great on your website or printed out.

Key Features

  • A central place for all your food & drink menus
  • Print them out or publish them to your website
  • Schedule when your menus appear or expire
  • Integrates into your WordPress website
Event ticketing

The complete online ticketing solution

Sell and manage tickets via your website and scan them as guests arrive at your event to automatically void them.

Tickets are delivered via email with a secure QR code; scan the QR code as the guest arrives and their ticket is instantly voided. No special hardware is required, a mobile device and a free QR scanner app will do the job perfectly.

You can manage all your events and tickets within your website. You can also see who attended previous events and send tailored marketing messages to those people.

A single event can have multiple days and you can sell multiple ticket types on each day (e.g. standard, VIP). You can control the number of tickets allocated to each type; in addition, the system will warn users when there aren’t many left or a ticket type has sold out.

Key Features

  • Each event has its own SEO optimised page on your website
  • Collect payments via Stripe
  • Deliver tickets instantly via email
  • Secure ticket scanning using QR codes
  • Export customer details
Guest welcome sheets

Daily guest information made easy

Many hotels provide a welcome sheet to guests each morning; comprising of local attractions, weather and current special offers. This isn’t just a nice touch, it’s an opportunity to cross sell other products and services.

Use our solution to create welcome sheet templates for each of your properties. Your staff can log in each day and make any amendments before printing them out. What’s more, weather data is automatically acquired for the property location and included alongside your content.

Key Features

  • Weather data automatically acquired and included each day
  • Easily manage all content before printing
  • Integrates into your WordPress website
  • Automatic email reminders to staff members to print each day
iOS & Android App

Customer loyalty app for luxury hotels

Increase customer loyalty with our luxury hotel marketing and drive engagement with our hospitality focused mobile app.

Deliver exclusive offers, events and news as well as providing a digital version of your company loyalty card.

Send instant notifications to get marketing messages out quickly and measure the responses to your campaigns. The app is sleek and simple, with an emphasis on directing users to the newest content.

Key features

  • Digital loyalty card facility
  • Deliver exclusive offers, events and news
  • Handy contacts screen with contacts and booking links
  • Track app usage and behaviour
  • Measure response to your campaigns


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