How do you convert casual hotel browsing into bonafide hotel bookings? You sell the experience, the aspiration and the lifestyle. And you completely rethink the way hotels and hospitality are presented. This was the starting point for our rebrand and final delivery of The Collection, Pride of Britain Hotels’ 2020 directory.

Pride of Britain Hotels is a collection of never more than 50 prestigious independent, privately owned hotels throughout (as the name suggests) Britain.

All change

One of the largest challenges we faced in representing Pride of Britain was doing each hotel justice. The very nature of the collection is the individuality of each member hotel, showing what makes every establishment unique meant a change of thought and direction.

Research undertaken by Pride of Britain uncovered some interesting insights into the hotel customer’s journey; what inspires them to hit the ‘book now’ button is not necessarily detailed information on the thread count of the sheets. It’s more emotional than that, it’s in the feelings evoked by the experience of the hotel.

Inspire me

Common sense told us that potential guests browsing the directory or website already know that a 5* hotel, acknowledged for being one of the finest in Britain is going to have exceptional beds, facilities and service, but they may not know about the guided stargazing walks that hotel offers, what three acres of crimson rhododendrons look like in full bloom or of a hot water bottle tucked into the bed covers to make winter stays comforting and memorable. These are the details we chose to unearth and focus on, to show what really sets the collection apart. These are the details that guests value and remember.

Copy was completely refreshed with the finer details of each hotel’s USP, location, history, surroundings and ethos to create a more personal imprint of each hotel. Senior graphic designer Rob reimagined the design to match the new direction.  He introduced a softer colour palette, a stripped back logo and created a new layout.  The final piece was printed on uncoated FSC certified, sustainable paper milled in Scotland on the banks of the River Leven, with 50 embossed Pride of Britain lions, each one representing a hotel. It’s a piece of work we as an agency are extremely proud of. We know that the client is too.

Praise be

Peter Hancock, Chief Executive of Pride of Britain Hotels. “In 2019 we commissioned research which helped to inform our decision to re-brand. Standout played a crucial part in this, producing design improvements to our web site and print collateral, including the 2020 directory (now called “The Collection”) with a fresh look and feel that has won praise from everyone. All the hotel descriptions were professionally re-written and we now have a more contemporary style, consistently applied to everything we do.”

We designed and launched a new website to complement the directory – just the right mix of inspiration and hospitality information, the thread count does count!

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