Long gone are the days when the only choice of beer was between a few ales that were served in Ravenhead dimpled mugs. Fast forward and our pubs, bars and clubs have come a long way with their extensive ranges of ales, bitters, stouts, ciders and lagers, with further choice of brands from around the world all fighting for our attention.

 For the last few years there has been a significant increase in branded beer glasses. That brands have not only spent time perfecting how their logo and strapline appears upon the glass they have also gone onto perfect the actual shape and style of the glass itself. Thus, providing the consumer with the best receptacle in which to consume their beer. Now whether you believe this to be true or not, people’s choice in beer alignment with a branded glass has become an important part of the drinking experience. Whilst one appreciates there is a certain amount of annoyance faced by bar staff in having to keep a good level of glasses available, washed and stacked by brand, they have to understand the importance of social branding or they can alienate their customers. Consumer frustration is most notable when drinking a premium beer; when you’re looking forward to that nice glass of Moretti only to have it served to you in the wrong branded glass is well… disappointing. So, the question becomes ‘to brand or not to brand?’

Or is it just a case of, ‘if you’re going to be a bar that serves with branded glasses then do it well’… if not, then stick to non-branded glasses.

Jason Blake, Head of Print