Working With Copella

Initially Standout were briefed to take over the current Copella site and help fulfil Copella’s main 2010 objectives: to increase household penetration amongst the target demographic and increase consumer engagement, expand the database and generate a social networking presence. We delivered a brand new website, content and a core look that was then utilised throughout all other marketing channels.

After a successful website launch, the Copella brand team approached us to ask if we would get further involved in the brand. With increased household penetration being the main objective they were seeking a way to elevate the brand, cut through the competitors and take ‘ownership’ of English apples. Working alongside a number of other agencies all providing expertise across various disciplines – we helped to conceive, create and launch Plant & Protect. This campaign was all about the protection and advocacy of English apples. Apples that are grown at home, do not travel and are squeezed for their delicious juice as close to picking as possible.

Plant & Protect Campaign

Plant & Protect engaged consumers and raised awareness about the plight of the English apple. With Copella having a Cloudy English Apple SKU at the time – it was a perfect alignment. David Bellamy (a firm favourite for all those growing up in the 80s) became the brand’s ambassador and spent time at Boxford Farm – going on to endorse the campaign and the brand. We engaged audiences and gave them a number of ways to ‘take action’ either planting apple trees of their own, educating kids about planting, campaigning to protect existing orchards and much more.

Agency Services Provided

  • Campaign Concept
  • Campaign Creative
  • Core Look
  • Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Web & Digital Tools
  • Orchard & Apple Photography
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Experiential Support
  • Copywriting
  • Research
  • Competition Mechanics & Management

Photography, Art Direction & Creative

It’s very easy to work with great brands. They have heritage, substance and their proposition is nearly always simple and straightforward. That’s why everything worked so well on Copella. Suffolk is a beautiful part of East Anglia, orchards, apples, nature, juice that’s only squeezed from English apples – you get the idea. So when it came to photography our job was simple and working alongside Robert Leveritt (an excellent photographer and a great guy) we captured some absolutely beautiful imagery as you can see below.

Copella Winter Warmer Campaign

Many brands seek to diversify in order to increase sales, awareness, recruit new consumers and increase household penetration – as well as remaining topical or seasonal. Copella created a delightful SKU called Winter Warmer which included the herbs and spices you would expect in a mulled wine. It remained non-alcoholic and included their core apple juice as the main ingredient. Standout created a digitally activated Winter Warmer campaign around recipes which included commissioning a professional chef from Le Talbooth (another client of ours) who created a number of excellent menus and recipes with Copella juices used throughout. We photographed the final dishes and shared the recipes alongside activating a consumer campaign for the brand. Our work is often very good fun!

Take a look at the recipe images created below.