Decléor Email Marketing

We met with Decléor’s marketing team, and received a conceptual brief to review and improve the effectiveness of their email marketing communications. Below outlines our thought process and approach to improving the email that related specifically to their Micellar Water product promotion. We assessed the existing (actual) email and embarked on fixing a few fundamental issues as well as introducing a stronger branded aesthetic to the overall communication.

Agency Services Provided

  • Analysis
  • Email Design
  • Creative Core Look
  • Image Retouching

Creative Rationale

Rob, one of our Senior Designers, recollects a key lesson from college where his experienced tutor instructed the class that ‘if it looks wrong – then it is wrong’. Meaning that even if you have aligned everything to the mathematical point on the page it still may not look right. We definitely incorporate that approach with all our creative but alongside insights and tried and tested practices that we know work. If you click to enlarge the image below you will be able to read through our rationale and approach when seeking to improve the effectiveness of this email communication.