Repositioning a Leading Lettings Company

Livingstone were formerly known as the Leicester Lettings Company. They specialised in student rental accommodation but wanted to expand their business to cover residential properties within desirable areas of South Leicester.

We were pleased to be approached by the LLC team as they operate from 139 Queens Road, a property once owned by our MD with LLC being the first tenant to the building. It was this connection that inspired the brand identity and naming for the revamped organisation.

139 Queens Road is a Victorian property in Clarendon Park and as with many of properties in the area it has a beautiful Victorian tiled floor in the entrance hall. On research we discovered that the various patterns had specific names and the pattern at 139 was called Livingston.

We added the ‘e’ to make it Livingstone (as in bone) which connected perfectly with the business in that Living is essentially what property dealing is all about and most dwellings include stone in their structure in some form or other. Perfect. Our creative team went on to develop a brand identity from the floor pattern and applying a typeface in keeping with the area and types of properties that they sought to represent.

Since the rebrand and repositioning the agency has captured a share of the residential lettings market, increased its business revenues, increased its student business and has even expanded in to residential sales.

Livingstone would not have made these inroads had they remained branded as Leicester’s Letting Company.

Agency Services Provided

  • Naming
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Literature Design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Art Direction
  • Web Design & Build
  • Interior Design
  • Shop Front Design
  • Production Management