Partnering Milsom Hotels & Restaurants

We have proudly been working with Milsom Hotels & Restaurants for over 10 years. In the marketing industry that is an outstanding achievement for both the agency and the client – showing commitment, trust, empathy, honesty and loyalty.

Milsom Hotels is an outstanding organisation and notable leaders within the hospitality industry. It’s been our job to ensure they’re ahead of the curve in terms of brand, marketing and communications. We take nothing for granted and are always looking for ways to provide the organisation with a competitive edge in a tough market place. Our job is made easier by the fact that Milsom Hotels is constantly investing in their properties, their product and their people – and this, above all else is the reason for their continued success.

We hope you enjoy browsing through some of our work for the group. It’s extensive and it covers all aspects of communications through to highly innovative digital operational solutions.

Results-driven Marketing

Our agency enjoys creating beautiful work but what motivates us more are results. The approach with Milsom Hotels is to always drive results and always justify expenditure against returns. Over the years we have pulled the plug on projects that we did not believe would ultimately deliver significant results. We measure all that we can, and with digital those results can be tracked accurately. From traffic to conversion, sales of gift vouchers and event tickets, hotel bookings and beyond, the numbers are up – but that does not mean that we rest on our laurels – there is always more that can be achieved.

Investment & Commitment

One of the key differentiators between Milsom Hotels and its competitors is the effort, commitment and investment that the business continually puts in to its locations, product and staff. They simply never stand still and where other operators may look to cash in on successes, the Milsom Hotels team are always a few steps ahead and looking towards the next refurbishment or development. Ultimately it is this approach and attitude that has delivered their success.

Creative Services

  • Brand Identity
  • Literature
  • Advertising
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Exhibition
  • Illustration
  • Menu Design
  • Brochure

Digital Services

  • Web Design
  • Web Build
  • Secure Hi-Speed Hosting
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Gift Vouchers
  • Instantly Redeemable Vouchers
  • Web Integrated Review Manager
  • Web Integrated Operational Solutions

Strategic Services

  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Analytics, Reporting & Recommendation
  • Benchmarking

Captivating literature that drives sales

The Milsom Hotels & Restaurants newsletter is the perfect balance between sales, insight and information. It’s a great read but it also provides customers with information on future events and special offers. Print is anything but over!

Fully Integrated Digital Solutions

Milsom Hotels and Restaurants have a WordPress based website that captivates a significant five figures each and every month. The key for this multi locational hotel group was to create a structure that allowed users to easily navigate one property while browsing the group website – referencing information and special offers, and with quick links to book hotel rooms and restaurant tables. In addition to the functional website, we have designed and developed a number of digital solutions including:

  • Filtered Special Offers
  • Automated Reporting for Management
  • Digitised Loyalty Scheme
  • The Milsom Card Holder App
  • Instant Gift Voucher Purchase & Redemption
  • Automated Guest Informational Sheets
  • Automated Guest Review System
  • Online Menus

Responsive eCommerce Website

Images are key to selling luxury

We always advise our clients in the luxury hotel market that they can never have too many images. Photography should be seen as an asset purchase and written down accordingly. Milsom Hotels continually update their image library – capturing great events, inspiringly designed interiors and mouthwatering menu choices. We work closely with the photography team (different photographers for different purposes) and every now and get chip in with our own photography – #capturedoniphone #nofilter – such as the image of Maison Talbooth (their luxury country house hotel) below.

Animated Christmas Card