An introduction to Mr.Wheeler

Standout’s relationship with Mr.Wheeler began in 2014 when the business operated under the name of The Wine Company Ltd.

Our early work involved evolving their existing literature and communications; enhancing the design and providing more effective messaging throughout. In 2015 there was a mutual acceptance that the organisation should rebrand and reposition in order to achieve its future objectives. The business sells wine. It sells that wine to consumers and trade and it prides itself on selling only good wine – the best wines from the best vineyards. Our belief was that ‘The Wine Company Ltd.’ name was too generic to create industry notoriety. We felt that it could have been a name that a typical venture capital firm might use to badge a wine business.

Working closely with the client with regular creative sessions in Essex, Cambridge, London and Leicester we explored the possibility of returning to the family name of Wheeler but applying a modern approach to the brand execution, whilst leveraging the history and heritage of the original organisation. Our recommendation to become Mr.Wheeler was universally approved by all stakeholders and so we embarked on the creation of the Mr.Wheeler brand.

Agency Services Provided

  • Name Change Recommendation and Rationale
  • Brand Identity and Positioning
  • Brand Guidelines Including Tone of Voice
  • Literature and Marketing Collateral Creative
  • Digital Design and Consultation with ECommerce Developers
  • Packaging Design
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Stationery and Signage Design
  • Production, Print and Fulfilment

Ongoing Support

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy, Creative and Management
  • SEO (Content / Links / Reporting)
  • Literature Design and Creative
  • Art Direction
  • Web Design
  • Advertising Creative and Templates

Mr.Wheeler Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are essential for consistency across any brand. Standout’s brand guideline documents are lean by design and concisely outline all elements of the brand requirements, including colours and their percentage of use, typography, photography and imagery, layout and tone of voice. Most good agencies will fully understand how to use a brand and its devices so our guidelines avoid teaching the reader to suck eggs, and instead provide a comprehensive guide on how to use the brand.

Mr.Wheeler Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines for Mr.Wheeler
Brand Guidelines for Mr.Wheeler

Introduction to the Name Change

A simple PDF to sell in the brand proposition and name change. Please click through below.