Do the Monster Munch!

The Monster Munch brand manager contacted Standout as he’d been given a limited budget to make some exciting things happen for Monster Munch. Whilst the brand was still significant, it had been a little forgotten and was losing market share. One of the issues was a lack of identity, with the pack now being depicted as 3D-style futuristic monsters clearly targeted at kids. Additionally, the product had been getting smaller over the years – and this had not gone unnoticed by consumers. Accountants beware! What happened next is quite simple. We headed to the Brand History Museum in London, discovered the oldest of Monster Munch packs and worked backwards until we hit the design which had the most success! And there you have it. The 1980s packaging design was recreated by our team with a few new developments and monster touches. The monsters’ silhouettes now appeared as the do-not-litter icons. The front of pack stated they were OLD like they used to be, rather than new, the monsters gained back stories and the packaging was relaunched with a newer, bigger product inside.

Agency Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Research
  • Illustration
  • Pack Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Visualisation
  • Icon Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Support to Frank PR


  • £88 of sales for every £1 invested in marketing
  • All SKUs in top 20 best selling snacks at launch
  • Roast Beef hit No.1 best selling snack on launch
  • Roast Beef outsells Cheese & Onion Walkers
  • Monster Munch Big Eat grew by 105% in 2009
  • Total brand growth of 35% to £47m