“You’re going to work for a creativity agency? But you’re the least creative person I know!”

“Thanks, Dad.”

That’s how the conversation started when I told my father about my latest career move; that I’d abandoned the journalism industry and leapt feet first into a role with a design and digital marketing agency.

“You struggle to draw a stick man, what are they going to let you design?”

At this point, I explained it wasn’t a design role, or a website building job; what I’d applied for (obviously!) was actually an account administrator role. Now granted, I still struggled to explain what that actually meant because even I wasn’t sure; however, I loved the energetic vibe of the agency as soon as I walked in to the office. Therefore, I instantly had no hesitation in accepting the job after somehow negotiating my way through the interview.

Fast-forward five years and I’m now Standout’s Client Services Director overseeing the day-to-day running of the office; and in addition ensuring all our client accounts are on track and receiving a first-class service. Customer service is undoubtedly the key factor in keeping clients happy and confident in an agency. I have absolutely no doubt our digital team will deliver industry-leading websites and products; or that our designers will create the perfect piece of literature. However, that end product soon loses its sheen if it isn’t underpinned by consistent communication and delivering within agreed budgets and time frames.

Having a small, flexible team who are not driven by ego; but by the desire to create the perfect solution for each client; is what sets us apart from the majority of the 20,000 creative agencies throughout the UK. We have a variety of characters with varying skill-sets and the ability to recognise each of our strengths and weaknesses; this is a key element in making sure we deliver beautiful – and more importantly, effective – products and creatives. I couldn’t create an eye-catching advert from scratch; however, I know a guy across the room who can. Likewise, I can’t write the code to make a collapsible website menu, but give me half an hour; I’ll be able to tell you exactly how long this will take, when it can be done and whether we’d recommend it or not.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t pick up a bit of knowledge and some new creativity skills along the way. For example, I can draw a pretty average stick man now…



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